Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Theme and colour inspiration Research

I have researched trend boards, moodbaords and colours palletes for Spring/Summer 2013. Through various websites I have chosen a few trend boards to use as inspiration for my collection. I have chosen each of them as each has a unique quality about them that I think can be incorpoated into the collection, making it modern, fresh, appropriate for spring/summer and most importantly have the SizeSmall copenhagan feel to it.
Spring/Summer 2013 colour prediction for childrenswear
I really like the idea if Kitsch for childrenswear. The miss match and contast of colour, tecture, pattern and style. The combonation and clash of different influences create a brand new look.
I am very much interested in ethnicity. The use of it in fashion adds interest, excitement and variation from the expected colour palette of the western world. Exotic colours and shapes are perfect for the childrenswear Spring/Summer collection I'm designing.

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