More research and designs

Before receiving the brief, all I knew is that I was going to be designing childrenswear and so I went to the college library and took out some historical childrenswear books. Looking through them I discovered a recorring theme, that in the 1800's it was popular for fashion to have a nautical theme to them. With anchors and sailor collars.
I have use these two books as a source inspiration and research into historical childrenswear fashion and clothing.
History of Children's Costume
Elizabeth Ewing
Bibliphile, London 1977
Children's fashions 1860-1912
1,065 Costume Designs from "La Mode Illustree"
Edited and with Indroduction by JoAnne Olian
Dover Publications, inc New York 1994

These images are taken from these two books
Girls fashion 1912

These images are from the book children's fashion

These are some more images Ii came across while researching childrenswear.I saved them as they have inspired my designs.

These are boys wear design sheets I found on the internet that were useful to my design process, as it reminded me about including fastenings, seams and other details.

This is a past collection of childrenswear for the designer company Gucci.

I researched into past childrenswear collections by George, as I aslo entred my designs into a design competitions for childrenswear at George.