Sunday, 4 March 2012


Throughout this assignment I have developed and expanded my design knowledge and skills. I have increased my understanding of the design progression/stages in fashion from market research, trendboard, moodbaord, concept, colorways, design ideas through to a final collection. I have learnt that throughout the process you have to think about a lot of elements to design and make a successful collection suitable for your target market. While working to the brief I have used past knowledge as input as well as further development and research. 
I have made a clear decision about the collection theme, style, colours, what age I'm designing for, fabrics and market level. Over all I am happy with my developed learning and progression of what I have achieved on this assignment.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Final design pages

These are my final design sheets. Both pages have two variations of an original design from my design sheets.

My variations have slight design changes, such as pockets, fabrics/colours and patterns. They only have slight changes as this is how the fashion industry does it. A slight alteration may be made to a garment like it's made in a different fabrics or colour or the pattern is slightly altered or even the detailing is changed such as pockets or trims.

Considered fabrics for collection

When designing my collection I had to consider fabrics the garments are going to be from.

Polyester/viscose, cotton, viscose/nylon/elastene, polyester, viscose/elastane

This one of the fabrics I have considered to use in the boys collection:

I have also found other cotton in the desired colours this one of the websites and colours:

I have researched into cotton prints for the collection. These price for the print fabric is about £5.99 per meter but bought in huge quantity the cost per meter will be reduced.

other sites I looked at to source fabrics:

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Design Pages

Boys Collection

Girls Collection

For the background of my design sheets I have used sections of patchwork quilts, of which images from the internet. I resembles the concept and theme of miss-matched fabric and quirky style, tying in with the kitsch theme.

Concept and initial line drawing

Collection Moodboards

I have created 2 moodboards for the childrenswear collection, one for boys and one for girls. This is beacuase boys and girls differ in requirements for clothing. Such as colour, fit, shape, pattern and garment type.
These are the moodboards I have created using CAD, using images taken from the internet and the colours from exsisting trend boards.
Boys Moodboard
star print, coloured pencils,check shirt, SizeSmall fashion images, lego, football, stars,toy car, japanese children fashion image, panda image, chosen colour palette.

Girls Moodboard
images: Flowers, fruit prints, paint, SizeSmall fashion images, Japanese fashion images, icecream, hearts, chinese dress girl, chosen colour palette.

Collection Customer profile

The Customer for my collection is a modern, busy mum, looking for affordable, comfy and durable clothing for her children.
Her children are aged between 3 and 7 years, including boys and girls.
The children are looking for comfy, cool, stylish and easy to wear clothing.
I believe my collections cover all aspects required from my customer and the desired wearer of the garments.

Collection Colours

I have researched into colour trends in childrenswear for Spring/Summer 2012. In have taken a selection of colours from my chosen trend boards.

Boys Colours

Girls Collection

Both the boys and girls collection have the use of 11 different colours.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Collection Theme

I chosen to use 2 main themes for my Spring/Summer 2012 childrenswear collection.
The first is "KITSCH"
Despite meaning "trash" in German and can be reffered to tacky or cheap items, it has a modern meaning of something quirky and a bit unusual. It is different and stands out, this is the idea and sense I am looking at to inspire my collection.

Kitsch Colour Palette
Kitsch trendboard

Kitsch common themes:
ice cream/sprinkles
bold/pastel colour
red lips

This is an example if Kitsch
This is Kitsch fashion on the catwalk. 
I have been gathering images and research from books and internet on kitsch Japanese street fashion.
"Over time the boundaries between Japanese and Western fashion styles merged into what is reffered to as Wa-mono: traditional items such as kimono obi belts, zanzashi hair pin or geta sandles combined with western clothes.
Images taken from Fruits- Fruits is a collection of Tokyo street fashion portraits from Japan's premire street fanzine of the same name. 
Fruits- photographs by Shoichi Aoki 
"My interest in fashion stems from the way people express themselves through the clothes they wear"

These are the patterns/print I am going to incorporate into my designs to add to the kitsch theme

Mix’s childhood love of LEGO has been well and truly reignited with the bright building blocks popping up all over the place.
From Danish architectural practice KRADS travelling workshop ‘playtime’, to British artist Finn Stone’s LEGO stilettos, our favourite toy has been making a big impact on the design world and has even adorned the curves of Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie at the Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards. Of course LEGO heels and dresses are not the most practical of items but if you want to inject a little nostalgia in to your life LEGO have created a fantastic range of drinking flasks.  We’ll have one in every colour please!
The second is "ORNATE"

Ornate Colour Palette
Ornate trend board

Inspirational images from internet

Theme and colour inspiration Research

I have researched trend boards, moodbaords and colours palletes for Spring/Summer 2013. Through various websites I have chosen a few trend boards to use as inspiration for my collection. I have chosen each of them as each has a unique quality about them that I think can be incorpoated into the collection, making it modern, fresh, appropriate for spring/summer and most importantly have the SizeSmall copenhagan feel to it.
Spring/Summer 2013 colour prediction for childrenswear
I really like the idea if Kitsch for childrenswear. The miss match and contast of colour, tecture, pattern and style. The combonation and clash of different influences create a brand new look.
I am very much interested in ethnicity. The use of it in fashion adds interest, excitement and variation from the expected colour palette of the western world. Exotic colours and shapes are perfect for the childrenswear Spring/Summer collection I'm designing.

Spring/Summer 2013 Research

In order for me to design a childrenswear collection for Spring/Summer 2013 I had to do some research into trend predictions, moodboards and colour predictions. I reasearched on the internet and come across various trends boards, which included the colour pallette for that season.

This is one trend board for 2013 that I thought would be suitable for SizeSmall's Spring/Summer collection for boys and girls wear.

The colours are bold and exciting. It would fit perfectly with SmallSize's past collections.

Bright Bold Colours are predicted for 2013

Forecast Courtesy: Lenzing

Lenzing recently came up with trends for Spring/Summer 2013. Here they are.
Fermentation is going on in the crossover between different skills and capacities, in labs and workshops. Designers, scientists and many more are throwing lots of ideas in the melting pot:
things changing shape and size …
more benefits from the same item / material …
making complex technology accessible, e.g. 3D printed clothing …
download original designs, make the object yourself or have it made by a local craftsman …
many, some very creative, ideas for re-applying all waste …
ideas to be self-sufficient on a basic level …
How to reduce the environmental footprint is fundamental and initiator for the ongoing research in textile production e.g. replacing traditional processes with enzymatic ones, cutting water consumption, eliminating solvents in micro-fiber making, using old jeans as insulation in buildings …
Lightweight is becoming imperative for environmental reasons:
material consumption, quantity of waste, transportation
Public spaces, urban gardens and user-driven design are some of the issues in the current discussion.

FLUID / slender
Experiment with a hybrid mode, trying new junctions between the city and sport, with new dynamic fluidity at the intersection of technology and silky.