The competition:
Designing for SizeSmall Copehagen Spring/Summer 2013, you mst do market research and brand research. You must get into the spirit of the brand and what is in fashion for childrenswear right now. The designs must be innovative, yet commercial and most importantly have the SizeSmall Copenhagenfeel to it.
You will be looking into colours and making your own colour story for your outfit yo dsign. You must make moodboards.
Your work must include:
1 outfit for girls (each must have 2-3 variations of it)
1 outfit for boys (each design must have 2-3 variations of it)
A colour story
What fabrics I want to use

As well as entering the SmallSize Copenhagan for childrenswear Spring/Summer 2013, I also entered the same designs into another competition for George as part of Graduate Fashion Week. For this competition I had to submit a three outfit collection and a 500 word brief about my collection and the concept behind it.

These are the two pages I entered into the competition:

This is the email I send to Graduate Fashion Week, George Competition-

Brief outlining childrenswear collection concept:

My collection is for Spring/Summer 2013. It is designed for boys aged 3-7 years. The concept behind them was inspired by Japanese street fashion, where patterns, colours, textures and styles are mixed together to create a new outfit. I have used this kitsch idea and incorporated it into my collection, in a modern, practical way, ideal for the trendy 21st century young boy.

The colours are taken from colour trend prediction boards from the internet. I picked out the colours I thought are suitable for young boys. My collection also incorporates prints, stripes and bold, block colour following on from the current season. There are two prints; green star and multi-coloured check. 

The collection is designed for children and so the designs have been developed with two main things in mind, it has to be cool looking and comfy, which I believe I have achieved. I strongly believe young boys would enjoy wearing my collection.

The fabrics considered are suitable and practical for childrenswear, they are durable and easy to wear and wash. The fabrics for my collection are:

Shorts: polyester/viscose, cotton
Jumper: viscose/nylon/elastane
other fabrics: stretch jersey
I have considered fastenings and ensured they all correlate with the health and safety regulations regarding childrenswear.
The fabrics are to be sourced and bought in high qualities, keeping the cost of fabric low. It would be possible to consider ethical fabrics if preferred.
The collection is designed the mass market, to be sold as part of the George Spring/Summer 2013 collection in stores and online. The collection is marketed and priced correlating to the needs of the price conscious mother. Aware children are constantly growing and cause wear to clothing, the collection is throw away, fashion but is designed with the ideas of slow fashion. Items you would want to pass on to siblings. Certain garments in the collection can be used the following season, as they are practical indoor wear as well.

The collection is aimed at the European market with the European buyer in mind. They are looking for well made, trendy, comfortable clothing for their children. With a desire for durability and sustainability, but these are not the customers most desired factors.

The collection is to be advertised through commercials, posters, billboards, window displays and online.

The collection is to be successful and desirable, producing a healthy profit for George.

Kind regards

Amy Gower (designer)