Sunday, 4 March 2012


Throughout this assignment I have developed and expanded my design knowledge and skills. I have increased my understanding of the design progression/stages in fashion from market research, trendboard, moodbaord, concept, colorways, design ideas through to a final collection. I have learnt that throughout the process you have to think about a lot of elements to design and make a successful collection suitable for your target market. While working to the brief I have used past knowledge as input as well as further development and research. 
I have made a clear decision about the collection theme, style, colours, what age I'm designing for, fabrics and market level. Over all I am happy with my developed learning and progression of what I have achieved on this assignment.

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  1. Hi, this blog is great and very useful - i'm also a fashion student and am about to embark on designing a children's wear collection! I was researching safety regulations when I stumbled across your blog. Your work is great! :)