Sunday, 4 March 2012


Throughout this assignment I have developed and expanded my design knowledge and skills. I have increased my understanding of the design progression/stages in fashion from market research, trendboard, moodbaord, concept, colorways, design ideas through to a final collection. I have learnt that throughout the process you have to think about a lot of elements to design and make a successful collection suitable for your target market. While working to the brief I have used past knowledge as input as well as further development and research. 
I have made a clear decision about the collection theme, style, colours, what age I'm designing for, fabrics and market level. Over all I am happy with my developed learning and progression of what I have achieved on this assignment.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Final design pages

These are my final design sheets. Both pages have two variations of an original design from my design sheets.

My variations have slight design changes, such as pockets, fabrics/colours and patterns. They only have slight changes as this is how the fashion industry does it. A slight alteration may be made to a garment like it's made in a different fabrics or colour or the pattern is slightly altered or even the detailing is changed such as pockets or trims.

Considered fabrics for collection

When designing my collection I had to consider fabrics the garments are going to be from.

Polyester/viscose, cotton, viscose/nylon/elastene, polyester, viscose/elastane

This one of the fabrics I have considered to use in the boys collection:

I have also found other cotton in the desired colours this one of the websites and colours:

I have researched into cotton prints for the collection. These price for the print fabric is about £5.99 per meter but bought in huge quantity the cost per meter will be reduced.

other sites I looked at to source fabrics: