Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring/Summer 2013 Research

In order for me to design a childrenswear collection for Spring/Summer 2013 I had to do some research into trend predictions, moodboards and colour predictions. I reasearched on the internet and come across various trends boards, which included the colour pallette for that season.

This is one trend board for 2013 that I thought would be suitable for SizeSmall's Spring/Summer collection for boys and girls wear.

The colours are bold and exciting. It would fit perfectly with SmallSize's past collections.

Bright Bold Colours are predicted for 2013

Forecast Courtesy: Lenzing

Lenzing recently came up with trends for Spring/Summer 2013. Here they are.
Fermentation is going on in the crossover between different skills and capacities, in labs and workshops. Designers, scientists and many more are throwing lots of ideas in the melting pot:
things changing shape and size …
more benefits from the same item / material …
making complex technology accessible, e.g. 3D printed clothing …
download original designs, make the object yourself or have it made by a local craftsman …
many, some very creative, ideas for re-applying all waste …
ideas to be self-sufficient on a basic level …
How to reduce the environmental footprint is fundamental and initiator for the ongoing research in textile production e.g. replacing traditional processes with enzymatic ones, cutting water consumption, eliminating solvents in micro-fiber making, using old jeans as insulation in buildings …
Lightweight is becoming imperative for environmental reasons:
material consumption, quantity of waste, transportation
Public spaces, urban gardens and user-driven design are some of the issues in the current discussion.

FLUID / slender
Experiment with a hybrid mode, trying new junctions between the city and sport, with new dynamic fluidity at the intersection of technology and silky.

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