Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Market and Brand Research for my designs and blog

I have used all my market and brand research of childrenswear to create myself a brand called Kernowkids to present my designs and research on. When considering the brand name I listed other meanings/words to describe/used to say "children" and the word "small":
  • Dinky 
  • Diddy
  • Little
  • Small
  • Teeny
  • Mini
  • Tiny
  • Wee
  • Junior
  • Kids/Kidz
  • Child
  • Kiddy

From my list of ideas I come up with combonation ideas for names:
  • kidscuteclothing
  • kernowkids
  • tutticutie
  • kidiclothing
  • aj'sfashion
  • juniorcothing
  • juniorfashions
  • amy'sdinkydesigns
  • adinkdoo

My Top 3 Brand Ideas Were:
  • adinkydoo
  • kernowkids
  • tuttiecutie
I decided Kernowkids was the most appropriate as it states in the brand name "kids" implying that it's childrenswear.

Kernowkids Meaning behind the brand name?
Kernow means Cornwall in the Cornish language. As I am from Cornwall I thought it appropriate to combing it into my brand name, as I am a Cornish designer. I also thought the alliteration sounded fun and quirky, fitting in with my brand concept.

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