Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Health and Safety regulations

I have researched into the health and safety regulatins of childrenswear clothing. I Have done this to inform me of certain fastenings etc I can or can't use in my designs. In my research process I have found iut that childrenswear designers must keep to laws and regulations and that these differ in different countries.

"When designing children’s clothing, it is essential to take into consideration the behaviour of children"

The regulations that are set up for the tiny parts are applicable to the play toys of children, snaps, plastic materials, metal items, buttons, zips etc. Some of these parts can come loose and pose a choking danger.

Regulations applicable to children's clothing

The rules and regulations you should be aware of include:
  • the General Product Safety Regulations 2005
  • the Children's Clothing (Hood Cords) Regulations 1976
  • the Nightwear (Safety) Regulations 1985

    BS 7907 gives recommendations for the design and manufacture of children’s clothing to promote mechanical safety. This standard is applicable to clothing intended for children up
    to 14 years of age.

    BS 7907:2007 also gives recommendations on safety aspects of the packaging and display of children’s clothing, including guidance for retailers.

    BS 7907:2007 is intended for use at all stages of the clothing supply chain, including use by designers, specifiers and manufacturers of children’s clothing. It is also intended to be used by importers, distributors and retailers to assist them in the selection of clothing that does not present a mechanical hazard.
I have filtered down key information and hazardous items on clothing, that should not be incorporated into my childrenswear designs due to laws and regulations. I have found this information out  from reading articles from these websites:

Not to include in my childrenswear designs-
  1. Non fire resistant material
  2. Non washable material
  3. Toggles on elasticated cord (can cause injury to eyes and teeth lose)
  4. Toggles that aren't properly secered/that can come loose and be a choking hazzard
  5. No zips
  6. No buttons sewn on badly
  7. No trimming e.g sequins
  8. No draw string around neck/hood
  9. No sashes
  10. No loose decorative fabric that could be choking/suffercation hazards, trip hazzard or get cought and cause injury.
"those aimed at very young children with attachments such 
as decorative buttons, cords and trimmings that could be 
detached and present a choking hazard and clothing that 
may present entrapment /strangulation hazards for older 
children such as draw strings, cords and sashes"

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