Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Collection Theme

I chosen to use 2 main themes for my Spring/Summer 2012 childrenswear collection.
The first is "KITSCH"
Despite meaning "trash" in German and can be reffered to tacky or cheap items, it has a modern meaning of something quirky and a bit unusual. It is different and stands out, this is the idea and sense I am looking at to inspire my collection.

Kitsch Colour Palette
Kitsch trendboard

Kitsch common themes:
ice cream/sprinkles
bold/pastel colour
red lips

This is an example if Kitsch
This is Kitsch fashion on the catwalk. 
I have been gathering images and research from books and internet on kitsch Japanese street fashion.
"Over time the boundaries between Japanese and Western fashion styles merged into what is reffered to as Wa-mono: traditional items such as kimono obi belts, zanzashi hair pin or geta sandles combined with western clothes.
Images taken from Fruits- Fruits is a collection of Tokyo street fashion portraits from Japan's premire street fanzine of the same name. 
Fruits- photographs by Shoichi Aoki 
"My interest in fashion stems from the way people express themselves through the clothes they wear"

These are the patterns/print I am going to incorporate into my designs to add to the kitsch theme

Mix’s childhood love of LEGO has been well and truly reignited with the bright building blocks popping up all over the place.
From Danish architectural practice KRADS travelling workshop ‘playtime’, to British artist Finn Stone’s LEGO stilettos, our favourite toy has been making a big impact on the design world and has even adorned the curves of Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie at the Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards. Of course LEGO heels and dresses are not the most practical of items but if you want to inject a little nostalgia in to your life LEGO have created a fantastic range of drinking flasks.  We’ll have one in every colour please!   http://emixblog.wordpress.com/
The second is "ORNATE"

Ornate Colour Palette
Ornate trend board

Inspirational images from internet

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